Comprehensive Tutoring

Zem Student offers 1-on-1 tutoring sessions for highly personalized learning. Our students will work directly with their teachers to improve their trouble areas and ensure academic or professional excellence. We also offer affordable group tutoring sessions to encourage interactive collaboration with like-minded peers and instill values of cooperation rather than competition amongst our students.

Our Process & Philosophy

We put ourselves in our students' shoes and empathize with their unique needs to succeed with us and beyond

Make learning fun! Students should be passionate about learning by learning how to learn effectively and efficeintly

Practice practice practice! Interactive learning is critical for students to assimilate information

Excellence is easy! Every student has the ability to learn, and it is the duty of our teachers to bring out the potential of every student

“I can’t believe how fast my test scores improved!”

Zen Student has an intense commitment to excellence in pedagogy and continually optimize our approaches to teaching our student. While there are commonalities in the learning process, every student is unique and requires superior guidance to ensure success in their academic and professional goals. 

We believe that every student has the ability to learn and that it is our responsibility to ensure the success of all of our clients. We strongly encourage interactive learning, where students proactively practice what they learn and then receive feedback from our teachers in real-time. We have been blessed to be a part of the journey towards success for our wonderful students from a plethora of disciplines, and continually reflect on and optimize our processes to encourage the success of all students.

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Please feel free to schedule a free consultation with us so that we determine how to best serve your needs. We value the success of all of our potential students and will do our best to put you on the right for excellence.

I was struggling in school, especially in English. I was always insecure about my English abilities and wanted to improve. When I met Zen Student, they helped me with my homework, tutored me, and encouraged me to keep going. I am so grateful to the Zen Student team for helping me to succeed academically and instilling within me a sense of confidence in my English skills.


5th Grader who loves school

Before Zen Student, I struggled with school. I was always stressed about my classes and did not like learning because no one had taught me how to learn. My tutor, Shiney, helped me to succeed academically by teaching me how to study effectively and efficiently, and also showed me that learning can be fun! I am now excelling in all my classes thanks to the help of Zen Student.


A-Level Student with Straight As

Zen Student helped me to research and write my graduate thesis on a very obscure topic in forensic Zoology. My assigned tutor, Shiney, was professional, kind, and overall an amazing teaher who genuinely cared for my success. I was able to complete my graduate thesis on time thanks to the speedy support of the Zen Student team, and received praise for my work from Faculty members.  Thank you!


University Graduate Student

Let's Learn Together!

We enable our students to achieve their desired academic and professional goals with a sense of confidence by giving them personalized attention and guidance. Get in touch with one of our professionals to create a FREE 1-on-1 customized learning plan to suit your unique needs. We look forward to working with students of all different kinds of backgrounds, and genuinely care about the success of all our students!