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Slidr is dedicated to making the world a better place through economical and eco-friendly transportation.

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What drives us.

Transportation isn’t always as exacting as we may like. Slidr closes the “last mile” in our riders’ travel moments. Riders use Slidr to get from one venue to the next, when walking is just a bit too far, and when beginning from point A, when destination B is just a little too close to order a paid car. We’re free to riders, and our rides offer more than just miles-covered. Slidr’s vehicles are state of the art, fully tech’ed out. Plus, we’re eco-friendly, so you feel good about kicking up your feet. Oh, and all of this happens at the touch of a mobile button.


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Our Values & Vision

Our Mission

We aim to provide economically eco-friendly transport and create local changes with extended impacts.

Driven by Awesome Businesses

Our sponsors are amazing business owners that care about our riders and the planet. We work with small and large businesses that aim to make an impact.

Economical transportation

Our fuel efficient vehicles provide a clean ride from Point A to Point B.

Make the world a greener place

Using our rideshare system helps to eliminate unecessary carbon-dioxide emissions that harm the planet.

Delight & Inspire

Whether it’s your firt time sliding thru or you’re on a daily commute, Slidr aims to make every trip you take a pleasant and memorable one.

How It Works

No hassle; when you need us, where you need us. We’re like your dog, without the fluff.

Give us a call and we’ll be there. 

Getting a ride with Slidr is as easy as it should be. Tap the app, request a pickup, and just ride.

… literally, it’s on your phone. Check it out.

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Slidr was born out of the understanding that transportation is evolving. We simply determined to be the best partner in the space. A love for community, tech and people drives innovation in the company and keeps us growing in a way that is tailored to the ever-developing needs among riders. First having launched in Asheville, we are now also in Naples and Boca Raton, Florida, Columbia, South Carolina, and expanding faster than ever in the coming months. This is just the beginning of our ride.

Need Pre-Planned Transportation?

Slidr has got your covered! Contact our team and we’ll worht with you to help get you from Point A to Point B.












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