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We provide comprehensive student learning services to enable academic and professional success for all out students. Our aim is to provide every student with confidence in their abilities and a develop a sense of zen-like calm as they navigate navigate the world.

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What We Offer

English Tutoring

Zen Student offers one-on-one tutoring services, where the tutor is dedicated to one student for the entire time. We have an excellent track record of helping students improve their English skills.

English Grammar & Spelling

English Composition & Literature

English Diction & Elocution

English Test Prep

We offer a wide variety of personalized lessons for test preparation. Our tutors cover a wide variety of exams, including the IELTS Academic, IELTS General, PTE Academic, and TOEFL IBT.

IELTS Academic/General Prep

PTE Academic Prep

TOEFLE IBT & Other Standardized Testing

Study Skills & Research

Zen Student educates our students on holistic study strategies that enable them to love learning and succeed academically in a variety of subjects with more confidence and less stress. 

Study Strategies & Learn How To Learn

Research Analysis & Methodology

Homework Efficiency


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Zen Student aims to ignite a 🔥 for learning within all our students. We believe that learning should be fun, and help our students succeed through nurturing excellent study habits.



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Learn From The Comfort of Home! 🏡

Online Tutoring

With the help of distance learning programs, many students and professionals are able to learn the necessary skills they need without the stress in-person learning. Our students can learn from the comfort of their own homes while recieving instrution from highly qualified and compassionate teaching professionals.


I was struggling in school, especially in English. I was always insecure about my English abilities and wanted to improve. When I met Zen Student, they helped me with my homework, tutored me, and encouraged me to keep going. I am so grateful to the Zen Student team for helping me to succeed academically and instilling within me a sense of confidence in my English skills.


5th Grader who loves school

Before Zen Student, I struggled with school. I was always stressed about my classes and did not like learning because no one had taught me how to learn. My tutor, Shiney, helped me to succeed academically by teaching me how to study effectively and efficiently, and also showed me that learning can be fun! I am now excelling in all my classes thanks to the help of Zen Student.


A-Level Student with Straight As

Zen Student helped me to research and write my graduate thesis on a very obscure topic in forensic Zoology. My assigned tutor, Shiney, was professional, kind, and overall an amazing teaher who genuinely cared for my success. I was able to complete my graduate thesis on time thanks to the speedy support of the Zen Student team, and received praise for my work from Faculty members.  Thank you!


University Graduate Student

Let's Learn Together!

We enable our students to achieve their desired academic and professional goals with a sense of confidence by giving them personalized attention and guidance. Get in touch with one of our professionals to create a FREE 1-on-1 customized learning plan to suit your unique needs. We look forward to working with students of all different kinds of backgrounds, and genuinely care about the success of all our students!